Designs By Humberto Adrian



In 1973, I incorporated my company in New York called Adrian Acoustics. We start with OHM Acoustics as our new customer. We started fabricating the historical Lincoln Walsh Ohm A and Ohm F. Models from the first cabinet to the last when those models were discontinued. After OHM my following customers were Rectilinear Research, Advent Corp, Acoustics Research AR, and after that this company took off as high end and became enormous.

In 2016, we start to be involved in outdoor products, and after several years we launch this new line of outdoor speakers. We merge the knowledge of High-End with 17 years of experience in the outdoor field.

Adrian Acoustics : we are bringing the High-End experience in the Outdoors with beautiful designs and excellent sound.

  • Crafted with pride in the USA from hand-selected veneers and hardwoods and precision-machined on CNC routers and additional machinery.

  • We design, advise designs, and/or design to liking.

  • We are open to single and special orders.

  • We have also worked for individual Customers and provide custom work. At this moment 2020, we still manufacturing for OHM Acoustics, VPI, and VON SCHWEIKERT>

  • We have work(ed) for companies such as: